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2009-Dec-8 - Lew Rubens, a suspension bondage expert, ties up Maria Shadoes.

Posted in bondagecomics
Tit torture Bdsm stories

Some bondage comics story: I repeated the word. He stood up, and I saw how much he towered over me. Your debts to him will be cancelled out just as his will be to me. How much are you willing to do to cancel out that debt? I stared at him, feeling fear for the first time. I don't like pain, sir Master, he chided me gently. The word felt strange in my mouth, but oddly fitting of this man. Indeed. Just remember that you yourself may not realize just what those limits are. ..

For the first half of the shoot we concentrated on corporal punishment. As the shoot progressed, it became clear that it was the bondage element of BDSM that Mallory most likes. She likes to prove herself by accepting and enduring very tight and contorting bondage that she knows very few people can handle. In the last hogtie position we did, she was tied so tightly that the bondage became a form of breath play for her. I felt afterwards that the shoot would have been more rewarding to both of us if we had concentrated more on contorting bondage positions. Four hours is sometimes not enough time to explore someone's BDSM tastes.

Bdsm stories

Helpless, bound slaves brought to intense orgasm

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2009-Dec-8 - lesbian rape sex pictures

Posted in bondagecomics
Clip spanking Asian bondage

A bit of bondage comics story: Her excitement was building now with the anticipation of the love making she knew was going to take place. He laid her down on the bed and sat beside her. Mark's hands stopped her, I will do that my love, I will do everything. When he did not do so right away, she moved her hand to his groin area, reaching her fingers out to touch him gently. Lay quietly my dear, all will be taken care of soon, Mark said. ..

Sasha Sparks is extremely sexy, new to S&M and open minded. What more could we ask for? She is shackled to the chandelier in our dungeon, stripped and whipped for the first time by Chanta. The punishment continues with OTK, boot cleaning, strap-on sex, face slapping and just being treated like a dirty slut. After the session, she told us that she will go home and masterbate while thinking about her new experience.

Asian bondage

Lesbian Femdom at it"s finest. Innocent and helpless girls submit to beautiful and powerful dominatrices.

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2009-Dec-6 - fog sex lesbian rape pics

Posted in bondagecomics
Mummification bondage Spanking girls

Some bondage comics story: It had been a long couple of weeks of work for both of us and we needed to be by ourselves and relax. James pulled out the suitcase and we proceeded to pack. I didn't exactly need another one in my lingerie drawers, but I felt like treating myself to something sexy. We also grabbed our goodie bag out from under our bed. We used some of the items later on, so you'll find out what types of things are in there. ..

Ariel X returns for her most enjoyable Whippedass shoot to date. Nikki Neivez dishes out the rough punishment that Ariel craves including face slapping and spanking. She is put in a strict tight with anal hook inserted and double penetrated by the strapon. Then, bound on a sybian, her head and hands are encased in heavy steel balls. The sound of her screams from pain and orgasms are amplified within the confines of the head gear. Ass worship and more anal penetration follows finishing up this sexy and intense session.

Spanking girls

Female slaves get spanked/whipped


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2009-Dec-6 - rape lesbian free porn

Posted in bondagecomics
Torture art Severe tit torture

Sample of bondage comics story: Jack threatened. Her fingers trembled as she unbuttoned her blouse and let it slip from her shoulders. Her hands went to cover her soaked pussy. Put your hands behind your back and spread your legs, Jack ordered. Jack had her slowly turn around, she couldn't believe she was doing this, but she complied with all his orders. Ann moved around the desk and got to her knees between his legs. Pull my cock out Ann, we'll see if you have the proper experience you claim to have. ..

Heaven Lee gets a severe punishment from Chanta. She is put in different wrestling holds, caned, spanked with a hair brush, fucked with a strapon while being choked and licks pussy for the very first time.

Severe tit torture

Female slaves get spanked/whipped


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2009-Dec-5 - lesbian sexy rape

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Bondage girls Male bondage

Then, I replaced her blindfold and gag and stepped over to Alice, who was roughly massaging her small breasts through her tank top. I want you to get it good and wet with your tongue, then see how many fingers you can get in. Using her hands, she spread the cheeks wide and applied her tongue to the puckered entrance to Lynn's rectum. Saliva ran down Alice's tongue and wet the entire crack of Lynn's rear as Alice tried repeatedly to insert the tip of her tongue into Lynn's anus. ..

Lorelei Lee is an outstanding submissive who will take whatever her mistress can dish out. Kym Wilde makes it a painful and erotic session.

Male bondage

Sexy S&M strap-on action

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2009-Dec-4 - lesbian teachers rape

Posted in bondagecomics
Bondage art Torture sex

Do it right or I won't let you breathe, she said. Ooooohhhh, she said with deep satisfaction and released my head. That's the first time you've made me cum with your tongue, she said softly. OVER!! she said, the harshness returning, I'm not finished with you yet boy. I couldn't believe it, in the past she had always lost interest after she had cum. Well, she replied you know how I like my arsehole tickled, I had planned that you were going to bring me off with your tongue up there but I couldn't wait. ..

Seven is back for more punishment with Chanta. There is water torture, strapon sex, forced ass licking, caning, hair pulling, spanking and more!!!

Torture sex

There are plenty of screaming orgasms from rough strap-on sex! Updates every week with original videos and photos.


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2009-Dec-2 - Pretty lady tied up and forced to multiple orgasms!

Posted in bondagecomics
Free bdsm stories Cock torture

Some bondage comics story: There were three girls waiting for him on the bench outside the office, their eyes averted and obviously distressed as they anticipated their fate. For a moment their eyes met and the girl blushed deeply as she recognized the man who was about to discipline her. She had placed a straight backed chair in the center of the room and rolled the horse out of a closet, firmly locking its wheels in place after it had been set in an open area of the office. ..

Kat is back and this time she brought her old cheerleading uniform. This nineteen year old ex cheerleader is back for more bondage fun. She is taken to an old warehouse where Matt has his way with her. Forced orgasms, tight elbow-to-elbow bondage, and a huge monster dildo in the ass is what Kat endures this time around. If you've ever thought about joining this site, this shoot is as good a reason as ever to do it!

Cock torture

Beautiful/Sexy/Masochistic women/slaves (are) bound/spanked to please

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2009-Nov-28 - lesbion rape

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Hentai bondage Free bdsm stories

Little bondage comics story: Quit stalling Rhonda, or I won't fuck you, I'll fuck your husband! Watkins sneered. She stood before the banker in her sexy, lacy, skimpy white brassiere, her large firm breasts barely concealed by the flimsy garment. Get over here! He ordered. When she came behind his desk, Watkins slid his chair back away from his desk. His cock was long, thick and rock hard. Get down on your knees in front of me and suck my prick. ..

Andrea loses some very important buisness files. Before firing her, she is humiliated,punished, and fucked by the boss bitch(Janay) and her shady assistant(Karina).

Free bdsm stories

There are plenty of screaming orgasms from rough strap-on sex! Updates every week with original videos and photos.

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2009-Nov-28 - Keeani gets bound, gagged, and oiled up nicely.

Posted in bondagecomics
Bdsm drawings Clip spanking

A piece of bondage comics story: It's here somewhere, he says, looking through his desk. The key must be in the back of the shop. Once we are in the back room of the shop, his manner changes. I I struggle at first, but his kiss makes me weak in the knees. My beautiful blonde slave girl! he cries, raising my dress until he can reach my full breasts. Then he bites them hard. Trying to resist me, slave? he says. He hits lightly at first, then harder and harder. ..

We have had a pretty good run on bondage virgins lately. Nadia has never been tied up before, not even at home, not even to a bed. She found out fast that she loves bondage, and wants it. I love new girls because they don't know how to "act" yet; all the reactions are as pure as you get. Despite the fact that she was new, I didn't let up on her one bit. She took a hard hair tie, a foot caning, and an inverted one-leg suspension. Nadia went from bondage virgin to veteran in four short hours.

Clip spanking

Gagged, bound, and helpless they struggle against the ropes

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2009-Nov-26 - lesbian rape galleries

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Medieval torture devices Lesbian bdsm

A piece of bondage comics story: O. ? Yes. I want a key to your aprtment. Even if you smoe once in a while but not for long I will catch you, understand? Yes. I opened up a drawer on my desk and took out a piece of paper and handed it and a pen to Ann. I Ann Jerries agree to stop smoking. With the understanding that if I smoke a cigarette I will be punished by Tony in any way that he sees fit. If I lie to Tony at any time about anything I will be severely punished. ..

Stella Del Croix is a beautiful French girl who submits to Sandra Romain on location in Budapest. This sexy girl gets her first taste of submission while tied up in a run down area of a public park. Then, in an abandoned unfinished building, Stella is bound and used as Sandra's fuck slave. Ass licking, pussy licking and anal sex included!

Lesbian bdsm

Sexy whipping/whipping action


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2009-Nov-23 - Lena Ramon finds herself wanting and needing sexual stimuli.

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Gay male bondage Male spanking

Sample of bondage comics story: She looked up at him and saw his approval and then over to her Master, who was slowly stroking his cock in voyeuristic delight. Her tongue licked the tiny slit at the end and traced invisible wet lines around the edge. The Girl took his cock in her mouth and began to suck in earnest. Saliva building until slurping and sucking sounds could be heard clearly above the quiet background music. Hers was a communication with her subject with his eyes and the tremors through his body telling her much about what he felt and what he needed for his satisfaction. ..

Trixie came to us with a curiosity about bondage. No modeling experience, no personal experience in her private life. She did not want to experiment with S&M play so this shoot involves tight bondage only. She is tied tightly and her ropes more than satisfy her curiosity. A new face, tight, good bondage and real reactions. Enjoy.

Male spanking

Writhing in tight bondage a slave"s dream

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2009-Nov-16 - ebony lesbian rape

Posted in bondagecomics
Clip spanking Outdoor bondage

A bit of bondage comics story: She was soaking wet between her legs at the mere thought of being there for all to see. How she loved cocks. Katherine was frenzied. They had the whip out. Whoever wanted to took a turn whipping her and prodding her with the whip, while the others watched and pleased themselves. Again they retied her arms above her head to the top of the table, and positioned her so that her head hung over backwards. ..

Sarah is a true submissive pain slut who likes tight challenging bondage. Tied in a standing position, gagged with blindfold, she must keep balance in leather ballerina boots. She endures multiple nipple clamps , a harsh stinging rubber flogger and the single tail from Claire Adams. Then Sarah is bound in an upside down wall suspension. She gets the ass hook, forced orgasms and punishment from clamps and leather paddle. Next she is tied sitting with legs spread, single tailed and caned which is one of her favorite forms of corporal punishment. Lastly, our pain slut is caned again and strap-on fucked while bound in doggy style. Then she is forced to please Claire by licking her ass and making her cum.

Outdoor bondage

Real S&M, pictures and videos of female domination, discipline, humiliation and whipping, spanking and caning.

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1970-Jan-1 - cruel lesbians rape

Posted in bondagecomics
Hentai bondage Free bdsm stories

A bit of bondage comics story: I lifted my head to continue my service but she reached down and pushed it back to the floor with a thump. not until. Moving her hands down to her cunt she teased her clit then opened the lips, causing several drops of juice to splatter onto my face. I pushed up and licked her clitoris. I tried but she just wasn't close enough. STUFF YOUR TONGUE UP ME. I couldn't breathe I was dying!. Do it right or I won't let you breathe, she said. ..

Fayth Deluca is new to BDSM and was interested in exploring her limits with Nikki Nievez. She is put through her paces in various bondage positions and punishments. Includes hotwax, strapon, suspension, footworship, clamps and more.

Free bdsm stories

Sexy whipping/whipping action

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1970-Jan-1 - Exposed submissive girl hidden only by the fog.

Posted in bondagecomics
Bondage girls Bondage and discipline

She said she wanted Sam to fuck her. I slapped her ass and told her that she had better be a good fuck. He rubbed the head up and down her slit from her clit to her asshole and back. He pushed his cock into to wanting love hole. She almost came with that one plunge. This gave me time to strip. Sam whistled at his first view of my naked body. I sat up on the edge of the console. I bent over and kissed her, probing her warm mouth with my eager tongue. ..

This update was inspired by the fabulous works of Georges Pichard, 'Marie Gabrielle' and 'Madoline'. Pierced Angel has more Piercings in her pussy than I have ever seen. This made for some interesting BDSM play. First she was tied with her toes to her labia such that she has to flex her thighs to maintain the position. Later she is tied upright with her clit to the dungeon floor, so that she must stand awkwardly. She is given a large orgasm and she squirts her pleasure for all to see. After several more endurance ties where her pussy is padlocked and chained to contort her, she is rewarded with a more comfortable tie and given another orgasm.

Bondage and discipline

Sexy slaves/women are bound into submission

Crazy, sexy and so nasty! The most vulgar and unusual site you can find! Sign up!

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1970-Jan-1 - lesbian rape gifs

Posted in bondagecomics
Medieval torture devices Foot torture

Little bondage comics story: As he finishes the knot on my left ankle, he begins to kiss first my ankle then slowly up my calf, and on to my inner thigh. Instead of a tongue I feel the pressure of his fingers directly on my clitoris. Up and down and around. As those two fingers probe so deeply, his tongue finds my clit. And just when I can't control my passion any longer, my hips are bucking up to his fingers, and mouth, he stops. ..

Darling is back with Mika Tan who makes her whippedass debut as a tough girl in this fun and sexy update. Darling's ass is spanked with and old license plate. She is tied on a saddle and her natural large breasts are handled and whipped. Tied and fucked with a strap-on brings her to orgasm.

Foot torture

Female slaves get spanked/whipped


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Feel the pleasure of being a woman

Writhing in tight bondage a slave"s dream

Real whipping and spanking


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